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Are You Seeking A New And Exciting Franchise Opportunity?

BadEgg eagerly awaits your inquiry!


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Let’s embark on a rewarding journey together! Explore the franchise process steps below.


To kickstart your franchise journey with Bad Egg, we encourage you to fill out our Franchise Inquiry Form. Gain deeper insights into becoming a valued partner with Bad Egg.

Discovery Call

Upon receiving your inquiry form, a member of our franchise development team at Bad Egg will be in touch to further explore your background, including financial statements, a list of intellectual capital, and more.

Review FDD

If there is a shared interest in moving forward following discussions with our team, you will be furnished with the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) for Bad Egg, necessitating a thorough review of its contents.

Discovery Day

At this point, we’ll arrange a visit to our corporate office for a face-to-face discussion with our executive team. In this meeting, you’ll delve into the core of the Bad Egg brand, gaining a profound understanding of our organization, brand essence, and strategic vision for the future.

Finalize Partnership

Let’s have a friendly chat to make sure we’re on the same page about the ins and outs of our partnership with Bad Egg. Once everything feels right, we’ll seal the deal by signing your Franchise Agreement.

Celebrate Success

Congratulations! Let the journey begin

Your next investment venture in Canada

Let’s Get Dining

We have built the most scrumptious breakfast, brunch, lunch
and dinner options. We also account for our vegetarian friends.

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Head Office: 647-775-9200

Email: hello@badegg.ca

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